Jeg er en paragraf. Klikk her for å legge til din egen tekst og endre på meg. Jeg er en god plass der du kan fortelle din historie og la dine besøkende vite litt mer om deg.

Busungarnas Millie Rose SE37370/2011 aka Millie

Busungarnas Millie Rose SE37370/2011 aka Millie is a Griffon Bruxelloise born on the 26th of April 2011. She is bred by Nina Jørgensen in Klippan in the south of Sweeden. 

Millie was the reason for us starting dogshow training.  She was a bit more sceptic to dogs and humans she didn`t know than Indy. We started going to dogshow practice as part of her training in the fall of 2012. Our first show together was just before she turned three years old on May the 25th 2013 in Åsane in Bergen. The judge Mr Antonio Di Lorenzo rewarded her with Excellent and as number two in Open class.

She has attended more dogshows since, but never liked showing herself much.When she got diagnosed with Cataract in September 2014 and could not be bred we decided not to show her any more.

For more picktures of Millie please check the Norwegian page 🙂